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Dreaming Shadow Home - Welcome

The Dreamer

Dreaming Shadow is dedicated to the pursuit of shamanism. Dreaming Shadow is the spirit-child of Dr Trish Cormack (nee Coates, see About Dreaming Shadow) and offers workshops and courses so that you can learn this ancient practice and what it can do for you and your community. You can book a place on a workshop online through the website, or make contact using the Contact page. Local practitioners can join our free journeying group meetings (for information click here), or you can just stop by and learn about shamanism through reading the information pages in About Shamanism, or in Shamanic Explorations. Those already experienced in shamanic practice may get inspiration from the suggestions in Weekly Journeys as well as Shamanic Explorations. If you're interested in some extra reading on the subject of shamanism and other related material, check out the Reading page.

All photos were taken by Trish Cormack apart from the one of her, which was taken by Jacey Bilbrough. All fractal images were made by Trish Cormack using Apophysis (see Creative Art Links).


Dreaming Shadow Vision

I would like to encourage and actively produce groups of people who will form shamanic healing communities. The individuals in these groups will fully embody shamanism in their lives through personal spiritual practice, an ongoing personal psycho-spiritual development process, and in service to humanity. They will have learned a variety of shamanic healing skills, and be able to act as shamanic healers for each other within the group (and outside it when called upon by their wider communities). At the same time the group members will be a support to each other in actively encouraging the psycho-spiritual development process, and again, using the full and considerable range of shamanic tools to help each other when required. In addition, the groups will be able to work together on behalf of their wider communities, the environment and humanity.

Workshop News

NEW DATES for 2016 and 2017:

Some dates for the SHAMANIC PRACTITIONER COURSE have changed! There is an opportunity to take The Art of Ceremony, Healing with Breath/Voice, The Oracle, and The Shaman in the Land of the Dead much sooner than previously scheduled. Just go to the Shamanic Practitioner Training Course page and follow the link to the course(s) of your choice.

Check out the Overview page to see everything laid out for you. Or go straight to the Beginners' workshops, the Shamanic Practitioner Training Course, or the further Advanced courses.

We still reward our loyal returners, and Early Birds, and as always, each workshop or training will have up some places available at very low cost for low- or un-waged. Please contact me for details.