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Winter 2015

Dreaming Shadow Winter 2015 Newsetter

Dreaming Shadow Newsletter

Shamanic healing and teaching in Surrey, UK

Hi Everyone, I hope you had a great Winter Solstice, a cool Yule, a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

The new dates for workshops and trainings in 2015 are on the website, and there are some exciting changes, as I promised in the last Newsletter.

Discounts – Most people who do a workshop or training with me want to do more, so I've decide to reward them by giving them discounts on further workshops. And because it helps me, I'm also rewarding those who book early. If you're a returning client AND an early bird, you get both discounts. Most people can get up to £40 off a workshop or training session, and some up to £130 off! Click HERE to find out more.

As I'm a bit late getting this newsletter out, I'm extending the Early Bird price for those who might want to book on the February Basic Shamanic Journeying Skills workshop. You now have until January 28th to book and still get the Early Bird price! Click HERE to find out more.

One Year Practitioner Training Course – I've changed the format somewhat. In the past the emphasis has been heavily on deep transformation of the Self, with some of the techniques left as extras to be taken later. The one year course is now more technique oriented (although taken as a whole, it is still very much geared towards Self-transformation). It is shorter, at 7 sessions (as opposed to 9 in previous years), and you can start part-way through the year, or dip in and out of it as you wish, or fill any gaps in your skills with one or two of the sessions. Click HERE to find out more about the One Year Course and its components.

The Rabbit Hole Sessions – These aren't new, but are the result of participants from previous One Year Courses requesting continuing sessions to further their psycho-spiritual development. If your interest in shamanism is less about techniques and more about your own development, you may be interested in these. Please note, you still need to have basic journeying skills as a prerequisite for these. Click HERE to find out more about the Rabbit Hole Sessions, including the reason for the name ;-)

Layout – The layout of the workshop and training pages has changed. You can make a booking from the page relating to the course you're interested in without having to go to the bookings page (although you still can if you want to). You can easier see which are courses are suitable for beginners, and which are more advanced. You can also see the whole year's courses listed month by month, so that you can plan your year. (Click HERE to have a look). And speaking of planning your year, you can access the Dreaming Shadow Calendar from the top bar menu. You can go there and see what's happening at any given time in the Dreaming Shadow world, whether it's the journeying group meetings, or the workshops and training sessions. It's a Google calendar, so you can import the whole calendar into your own, or single sessions that you may be interested in. (Click HERE to see the Calendar).

Of course, there are still the free monthly Journeying Group meetings for those with journeying skills who live nearby and want to journey in community with like-minded people, and One-to-One sessions for those who want healings, spiritual mentoring or tuition.

As I write this, I'm looking out on a cold, crisp day with blue sky and still air and the promise of spring seems close-by. The next Newsletter will come out towards the end of May, and until then, I wish you all blue skies and hope to see you soon.

Warm blessings

Trish Coates
Dreaming Shadow
19th January 2015

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