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Shamanic Explorations Repository

This section has posts containing exploration, deeper examination and perhaps food for thought on different aspects of shamanism. It will be of interest to those who have some knowledge and/or experience of shamanism.

Journeying Styles and Positions

Climbing LizardHow often do you think about the position in which you journey? Do you always use the same position, or do you vary it? Do you listen to a drumming CD or do you drum or rattle for yourself? Do you move around or stay still?

When I learned shamanic journeying, I was offered (initially) two possibilities; lie down, or sit up (other options did come later). There was no pressure, no pushing or pulling in any direction. At the time I was, like many (probably most) people who learn shamanic journeying, working full time at a demanding job with an additional two hours of commuting per day and doing my journeying sessions in the evenings. There was no contest; if I laid down I would most likely fall asleep, so I elected to sit up. It was several years later that I started attending shamanic workshops, with the intervening time filled with happily journeying mostly sitting down, occasionally standing up or kneeling/crawling on the floor.