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Bright BrackenWhat people have said about the various experiences they've had with Trish Coates and Dreaming Shadow.


Basic Shamanic Journeying Course

This was a brilliant introduction to shamanic journeying. The venue, subject matter and teacher are all amazing. The lunch of homemade bread & soup were delicious.

I was made to feel very welcome, safe and comfortable, learnt so much over the weekend and met some lovely people.

I now eagerly await my next weekend with Trish!

Lesley, Hampshire (Spring 2015)


I knew nothing at all about shamanism, but went to attend the beginners Journeying course largely on a whim and vague knowledge of it helping others.

I came away having experienced the amazing yet little known phenomenon of shamanic Journeying, extraordinary and worthwhile in and of itself - plus experiencing its therapeutic value, which is massive and already helped me guide my life during that weekend and after.

I will continue to use Journeying as an amazing tool for personal development and therapy and I would highly recommend Dreaming Shadow to anyone, whether they have specific goals or like me just wanted a new experience.

James, London (Spring 2015)


This workshop was just what I needed - a comprehensive introduction to shamanism in a very safe environment. Her spiritual experiences and academic background make Trish rarely and wonderfully equipped to teach contemporary shamanism.

Alex, London (Spring 2015)


I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to learning more about it and connect!

Workshop Participant, (Spring 2015)


A safe and compassionate environment in which we are held collectively in our journeys of discovery with Trish and Nick as grounding and nurturing forces free of ego.

Mat, London (Spring 2015)


When I set forth in hope...

In kindness she did share;  A smile;  A journey's insight:   I trust within that love is there.

With love and in thanks. x x x

Workshop Participant (Spring 2014)


I attended the introductory shamanic jounerying workshop and felt it was a very enlightening and very relaxing expericience. I have been left intrigued to learn more. Trish's lovely house and homemade soup was a welcome bonus.

Tessa, London (Autumn, 2013)


This was my first experience of shamanic journeying and Trish provided a welcoming and friendly space. I enjoyed the experience and found it useful.  I would definitely recommend her.

Khair-un-Nisa, London, (Summer 2013)


One-Year Training - Shamanic Healing Community Groups

Trish's gentle manner is reassuring and her profound knowledge inspires trust and confidence.

Caroline, Surrey (2014)


I feel I've benefited tremendously from my two healing sessions and the first part of the shamanic course I've attended. Trish is a compassionate, gentle and grounded person with a great sense of humour. I'm looking forward to the rest of the year.

Cassandra, Essex (Healing 2013, Shamanic Healing Community Group 2014)


Trish is an amazing Shamanic teacher/facilitator who I can't recommend enough. She shows great kindness, empathy & support. It has been a truly life changing experience working with her. Trish creates a wonderfully safe & nurturing environment, always leading by example & encouraging others through every step of their personal journey of transformation & growth on every level

Trey, Surrey (2013)


Trish is the real deal, knowing, caring and loving - changed my life.

Nick Westlake, Berkshire (Shamanic Healing Community Group 2010 - 2013)


I attended the Dreaming Shadow Healing Course in 2010. It was very useful to help me on my healing journey. We were introduced to many different methods including the power of folk tales, archetypes and gestalt methods, as well as shamanic journeying. The group atmosphere was warm and welcoming which made each weekend of the course a pleasure to experience.

Celia.  Focusing Practitioner, West Yorkshire (2010/11)


Knowing and working with Trish has been transformational for me on my shamanic journey. Her gentle and direct approach to all things spiritual is  one of "no - nonsense,  say it as it is", which allows the adventurer in you to try out and take on board what feels right for you.  She will take you wherever  you need to go, as deeply as you will allow yourself to go  and you will be held safely and with the confidence of one who knows the route well. Her extensive, wise knowledge shines through a gentle but firm and clear heart. I am proud to call her sister and teacher on this  path.

Lisa, Port Talbot, Wales. (2010/11)


I would recommend any shamanic training that Trish runs.  She is a calm, passionate and compassionate teacher.  The course I did was rich in many ways. There was a good variety of approaches to connecting with spirit and I particularly enjoyed the ceremonies we did.

Ann, Devon (2010/11)


Dreaming Shadow workshops are inspiring, powerful and nurturing.   I found that Trish enabled me to access the deepest levels of my being to gently foster forgiveness and healing.   Even whilst working at a profound level we laughed and played and found time to be creative.

June Grimes, Yorkshire (2010/11)


Rabbit Hole Sessions

Trish is an exceptional teacher and communicator. It feels very safe and the work and knowledge has done so much to help and support me in seeing and experiencing life in a far more beautiful and easy way. In starting my second year I fully realise how far I have come, and also the great bond of trust I have with Trish as well as members of my particular group. I have also done stand alone courses and have got so much out of that too.

Caroline, Guildford, Surrey.


One-to-One Healing/Spiritual Mentoring Sessions

Dr Trish Coates was first recommended to me as someone who might be able to help a friend. I wanted to see her first before recommending her myself to my friend and went with no expectations at all other than curiosity. The experience I had with her changed my life completely in ways that I never could have imagined. It opened a doorway to a path of inspiration, extraordinary women and shifts and changes in me that have transformed my way of being. Trish is a beautiful mixture of powerful and humble, kindness, authenticity and honesty and what she offers her clients is beyond anything that I could have thought possible before meeting her.

Sara Bayley, Functional Medicine Practitioner


I feel I've benefited tremendously from my two healing sessions and the first part of the shamanic course I've attended. Trish is a compassionate, gentle and grounded person with a great sense of humour. I'm looking forward to the rest of the year.

Cassandra, Essex (Healing 2013, Shamanic Healing Community Group 2014)


I had the most amazing experience with Trish over couple of sessions of shamanic soul retrieval. She has an incredible capacity of knowledge and skills to tackle a problem. There is so much one can learn from her!

Sonya, London (soul retrieval, 2013)


I truly enjoyed the sessions with you, you were very insightful, providing excellent advice and solutions to my problem, and pin pointing the root of the issue which was not so clear to me before the sessions. You made me feel very comfortable and it was easy for me to open up and trust you, you created very safe space during the sessions. I thank you very much for it and you are highly recommended by me to all my friends who need spiritual mentoring sessions have other problems or simply want to learn shamanic practices.

Magda, London (Spiritual Mentoring 2011)