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Weekly Journeys

This section contains posts suggesting journeys to try if you're running out of ideas for journey intentions, or just want to check out something you may not have done before. The journeys I've posted are building up now, and many of these have within them several variations on a theme, so you should find something to go for. I will continue to add new ones from time to time.

Safety Advice

These journey suggestions assume that you already know how to do a shamanic journey, so if you do not, please get some training from a shamanic teacher before proceeding. There is not enough information in these suggestions to teach you to journey.

Always read the material from each journey right through before starting the journey, as there is information in the Journey Notes that is helpful.

Shamanic Journeying

CrowIt can be difficult, once the initial learning stages of journeying have been negotiated, (or even if you've been journeying a long time) to think of journeys to do. We don't always have questions to ask of spirit, and it can seem weird to go in there and do nothing, so sometimes people can stop journeying simply because they can't think of an intent for their journeys. Sometimes it helps just to have someone else suggest journeys that you may not have thought of doing, or haven't done in while, just to keep the momentum going. So in this section, you'll find a weekly journey suggestion. There's no particular need to do them in the order they appear; as time goes by and more have been added you can come back and pick one at random if you're looking for inspiration. The two journeys that come next will remain at the top of this page as they are useful to do on a regular basis, whilst others will be added below.

Healing Dismemberment Journey

This first journeying suggestion is a classic journey which some readers will already be familiar with, but it's coming first because it's an extremely useful and health-giving journey, and I was told recently by my allies to advise that people do this regularly, preferably once a week.

Classroom Journey: Ethics 1

This is a journey which explores the ethics of healing, and can be the start of a whole series of teachings from your spirit allies. It is the type of journey that is great to do in groups, where everyone is asking the same question. The result is always a wealth of information as all the allies speak from different perspectives. Getting lots of information might take one person many journeys that a group can get in one sitting.

Journey Into Picture

This journey can be great fun, and you can learn a lot, sometimes quite unexpectedly. The idea is that you choose a picture to journey into in order to learn from the spirit of the picture. I recently did this with our drumming group using The Shaman's Oracle cards by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan. The pictures on the cards are beautiful, taken from ancient cave paintings - a wonderful way to connect with our ancient shamanic ancestors.

Creative Project Journey

There are similarities between this and the journey to find a teacher, in that the purpose of this journey is to find an ally who will have a very specific job. In this case it is to find the spirit of a creative project so that the project itself can show you how it wishes to unfold. Perhaps you are writing a book, making a sculpture or painting, making a sacred object, building a house; in any creative project, who better to advise you on how to allow the project to blossom to its fullest potential than the spirit of the project itself?

Health Journey

The purpose of this journey is to get advice on practical things you can do to improve your health. Even if you have no particular health or physical issues that you are aware of, you may still get information which could help you improve your nutrition, for example, or even highlight issues that you are unaware of, or that might arise in the future if you don't take action now.

Power Animal Journey

This journey is a very interesting way of getting to know your Power Animal and learning about his or her nature and the type of energy and qualities they bring to you. It also allows you to build a relationship and build trust with this being who is a helping spirit and who you rely on for advice, guidance and protection.

Transfiguring Journey

Like the first journeying suggestion, this is also an extremely useful and health-giving journey, and another one which is good to do regularly; if possible daily, either instead of, or in addition to a full shamanic journey. On its own it is an extremely potent spiritual practice.

Journey To The Earth

This journey is to meet the Earth, your true mother. The Earth has produced every molecule that has made every one of us and all other creatures that walk, crawl, fly or swim in her waters, as well as every man-made object. Our bodies are born of her and they go back to her when they die.

Journey to Archetype

The purpose of this journey is to open up a dialogue between yourself and a part of you that could be described as a subsection of yourself in order to gain helpful information, advice and insights into how you tick.  You can choose a part that you know well, or one that you don't know so well. This is a good journey to do many times so that you can learn more and more about yourself and use the information to develop in positive and healthy ways.

Journey to Find a Teacher

The purpose of this journey is to find a teacher who will have a particular job; to teach us about a particular subject. I have given a few examples of subjects you may want to learn about, but the subject should be of burning interest to you, so if none of my suggestions float your boat, choose a subject that does.

Life Block Journey

This journey is a simple journey which can help us to find the things that block us in life and the ways in which we prevent ourselves from being fulfilled.

Soul Question Journey

This is a very simple journey which asks what your soul needs right now. It is a very precise question, and yet the scope of the answer is infinite.