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Shamanic Journeying

CrowIt can be difficult, once the initial learning stages of journeying have been negotiated, (or even if you've been journeying a long time) to think of journeys to do. We don't always have questions to ask of spirit, and it can seem weird to go in there and do nothing, so sometimes people can stop journeying simply because they can't think of an intent for their journeys. Sometimes it helps just to have someone else suggest journeys that you may not have thought of doing, or haven't done in while, just to keep the momentum going. So in this section, you'll find a weekly journey suggestion. There's no particular need to do them in the order they appear; as time goes by and more have been added you can come back and pick one at random if you're looking for inspiration. The two journeys that come next will remain at the top of this page as they are useful to do on a regular basis, whilst others will be added below.

I often get asked the question: “how often should I journey?” The answer is “as often as you like, and as often as possible.” Some people worry that if they journey too often, their allies will get sick of them or feel harassed. Don't worry; your allies will never feel harassed – they are pure spirit, they don't get tired or grumpy, and indeed, they are there for you whenever you need them, including the times you don't know you need them!

In truth, we really need to connect with spirit every day, although that need not necessarily mean journeying every day. There are many ways to connect with spirit: praying, meditation, drumming, rattling, singing, chi gung... the list is endless and these are but a few examples. If you consider that within this limited list, for example, there are hundreds of different ways of journeying, hundreds of different ways of meditating, there must be thousands of different ways to connect to spirit, so everyone can find a practice, or set of practices, that suit them. You will hopefully have noticed that after journeying (or any other spiritual practice), you feel good, centred, less prone to feeling battered by life's trials and tribulations. And those of you who have attended shamanic or other spiritual workshops where you may be connecting with spirit multiple times over a day, two days, perhaps four or five days, will know that extended periods of contact with spirit has an amazing and wonderful effect on your mind, body and spirit. If, in your daily life, you could connect with spirit two or three times a day – imagine how that would boost your well-being on every level! For most people in these extremely busy times, that would seem out of the question, so if you can manage one journey a week to begin with, that will be a great start. You can build up as time goes on.

Some people also get daunted by the amount of time they feel they must set aside for journeying or other spiritual practice. It is wonderful if you can have an hour or more per day to devote to your practice, but if you only have 10 minutes to spare here and there in your day, well, go for it. Ten minutes is better than none. Just be aware that some practices lend themselves to short bursts better than others. If you have literally just ten minutes then silent meditations or journeying by sitting or lying down with a drumming CD playing in your ears may not be the best choice because your mind will be chattering to you about what you've just been doing or need to do next. In these circumstances I find that making some kind of noise myself helps to sweep all that chattering away – particularly if the noise is being made by my own voice; toning, humming, droning or singing whilst connecting with spirit, and if possible, drumming or rattling for yourself is also good (and can of course be combined with the voice). In this way you can do a full journey, or just connect with one or more of your allies for a few minutes without any of the busy-ness of the surrounding time encroaching on this precious oasis of time.

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