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Transfiguring Journey

Like the first journeying suggestion, this is also an extremely useful and health-giving journey, and another one which is good to do regularly; if possible daily, either instead of, or in addition to a full shamanic journey. On its own it is an extremely potent spiritual practice.

TransfiguringThis practice is called transfiguring (which means shapeshifting – you are shapeshifting into Divine Light), and was taught to me by Sandra Ingerman. If you'd like to know more about transfiguration and its potential, Sandra writes very eloquently about it in her books; "How to Thrive in Changing Times" and" Medicine for the Earth" (see Reading).

The Intention:

To experience your Divine Light and simply shine it out into the world.

The Journey:

Breath deeply and centre yourself, moving into a space of feeling harmony and love, and union with your Creator, or the Universe. Then choose one of the following methods:

  • Ask your Power Animal or Teacher to dismember you until all that is left is your Divine Light
  • Simply see yourself unzipping your skin and taking it off – as you unzip, see the Divine Light that is within you shining out from your heart
  • Ask your Power Animal or Teacher to take you to the Void and merge with the Void
  • Merge with a star (or our own Sun)
  • Simply notice a light at the centre of your heart, being fed by Divine Light from the Universe, and watch it grow

Once you have chosen one of the above, experience your Divine Light shining brightly; filling your being, and permeating every cell; getting brighter and brighter until it bursts out of your body and into the room, and as it gets brighter still, it shines out into the world.

When you end your journey, if you wish, you can remain in contact with the light by not fully disengaging from it. Check always that you are present enough to deal with whatever Ordinary Reality tasks that you need to perform, and if in doubt, fully ground yourself, particularly if you intend to drive or operate machinery or tools.

Notes on the Journey:

You'll see above that there are several ways to do this journey; the trick is to pick the method that most suits you. You may find that you immediately know that one of the described methods is for you, or you may need to experiment to find which is best for you.

It is possible to do this journey whilst listening to a shamanic drum-beat, but most people instead find it helpful to play some gentle, soothing music (without lyrics as these can be distracting and can pull you back into your head).

Hold the practice for as long as you can, keeping your focus on your intention, and bringing it back if necessary. To begin with try 10 minutes, and if possible work up to an hour. (If you do this every day for an hour you will reap amazing benefits)! Some people find that if they tone whilst transfiguring, this helps them to keep their focus and connection. Toning is singing a single note for the whole of your out-breath, taking a deep breath in and then repeating the process constantly. It doesn't matter what note you choose; just one that is comfortable for you, nor how bad a singer you think you are!

There is no need to add prayers or words to what you are doing, and no need to “send” the light anywhere; just simply shine.

Once you are comfortable with this practice, you might want to join in with the community of people around the world who transfigure on a regular basis in the Web of Light started by Sandra Ingerman. Together we form a huge web of light which shines out and touches all of the dark places in the world. For more information, click HERE.

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