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Soul Question Journey

This is a very simple journey which asks what your soul needs right now. It is a very precise question, and yet the scope of the answer is infinite.

Visionary TreeThis type of question is good to ask now and again. Often we find ourselves in a rut, or meandering off-track in our lives without even knowing it. This question allows spirit to give you a nudge (or a kick up the behind!) in the right direction, even when you didn't know you were going in the wrong one, so does not require you to have to ask the "right question".

The Intention:

My intention is to go to the Upper World to ask "what does my soul need right now?"

The Journey:

As always, start at your axis mundi and repeat your intention 3 times before sending it out into the Universe from your heart. If you wish, you can ask a specific ally by inserting their name into your intention. This journey is usually done in the Upper World, but there are no hard and fast rules and your allies will redirect you to the Lower World if that is what is required.

When you hear the call-back, if using a shamanic drumming track, or when you feel you have finished your journey, thank all the beings you have met and return to your axis mundi the way you came. 

Notes on the Journey:

As always, release any expectations you may have and see what comes. Journeys that ask questions can be great to do in pairs. Mary and Joe first journey on Mary's behalf. Mary's intent is worded as given above, but Joe's intent is just turned towards Mary thus: 'My intention is to go to the Upper World to ask "what does Mary's soul need right now?"' Mary and Joe journey at the same time and compare notes afterwards. You'll be amazed how the two journeys will be in synch with each other and together will give a fuller answer to the question than one person journeying alone.

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