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Life Block Journey

This journey is a simple journey which can help us to find the things that block us in life and the ways in which we prevent ourselves from being fulfilled.

SnowThis question is good to ask in relation to all our life areas where we feel we are not making progress, are consistently blocked, or have things that we wish we could do but daren't.

The Intention:

My intention is to go to the Upper World to ask what is preventing me from living my life to the full?

The Journey:

As always, start at your axis mundi and repeat your intention 3 times before sending it out into the Universe from your heart. If you wish, you can ask a specific ally by inserting their name into your intention. You might also have a specific issue in mind, in which case you can use this instead of the more general question above, e.g. "what is preventing me from winning Wimbledon" or "what is preventing me from expressing my true feelings?" This journey lends itself to being done in the Upper World, but there are no hard and fast rules and your allies will redirect you to the Lower World if that is what is required.

When you hear the call-back, if using a shamanic drumming track, or when you feel you have finished your journey, thank all the beings you have met and return to your axis mundi the way you came.

Notes on the Journey:

This is a good journey to do in pairs (see Notes in the Soul Question Journey). Sometimes we can be too close to an issue and we become anxious and less able to journey effectively, so it helps to have another journey on the same question. Remember that the answers are unlikely to come literally or in handy words; they will most likely come in symbolic pictures and stories which you'll have to decipher.

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