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Journey to Find a Teacher

The purpose of this journey is to find a teacher who will have a particular job; to teach us about a particular subject. I have given a few examples of subjects you may want to learn about, but the subject should be of burning interest to you, so if none of my suggestions float your boat, choose a subject that does.

CondorDepending on the subject you choose, you may learn all you need to know in this journey. Or this may be a subject that requires many journeys to the Non-Ordinary Reality classroom, and a long-standing relationship with this particular teacher.

The Intention:

My intention is to find a helping spirit ally who will teach me about *the nature of illness*

The Journey:

As always, start at your axis mundi. However on this occasion, if you don't already do this, call your main Power Animal(s) to you at your axis mundi instead of going to them. Repeat your intention 3 times, to your Power Animal(s), before sending it out into the Universe from your heart. Then follow where your Power Animal(s) take you until they introduce you to your teacher. It may be an ally you already know, or it may be a being you've never met before. The teacher may be an animal, human or other being, and you may find them in the Upper or Lower World - just follow your Power Animal(s) and they'll take you to your new teacher.

When you hear the call-back, if using a shamanic drumming track, or when you feel you have finished your journey, thank all the beings you have met and return to your axis mundi the way you came. At your axis mundi, thank your main Power Animal(s) for their help and protection and say good-bye for now.

Notes on the Journey:

The approach of calling your Power Animals to you at your axis mundi is different to they method that some people teach, but it has a couple of advantages. Many people report journeying to the Lower World, only to be taken straight up to the Upper World, and vice versa. Your allies always know where you should be to fulfil your intent, so why not let them take you there right from the start without trying to impose your will or reasoning on where you should be? Secondly, particularly when meeting new allies, if your trusted allies have taken you and introduced you to a new teacher, you can be confident that this is a helping ally, and you don't need to check in with them that it's appropriate for you to work with this new being because that's already a given because of the introduction by your trusted allies.

You will notice that the intent is quite simple and succinct. There is no need to formulate a list of questions and build them into what could turn into a very long and complicated intent. Remember, getting the intent right is the most important part of the journey; it is the arrow that takes you to the place you need to be to fulfil your intent. With a very long and complicated intent, you might notice that the second and third repetitions of the intent as you set out are different from each other and the first, resulting in a fuzzy intent which could have you woffling around aimlessly. This short succinct intent will get you to your teacher; once there, it becomes an interaction between the two of you just as it would be in an ordinary classroom. You can ask any questions on the subject, ask whether or not you should return to this teacher for more instruction, how often etc.

The world is your oyster when choosing a subject for teaching. Some suggestions for subject matter follow; just replace the part of the intent that falls between the asterisks. Perhaps none of my suggestions appeals to you; if so, choose a subject of your own - what matters is that it should be important and of interest to you, otherwise why bother?

Suggestions for teaching material:

  • The nature of reality (yeah, why not? Go for a biggie!)
  • Communicating with animals/trees
  • An emotional experience - e.g. anger, revenge, abandonment, love, joy
  • The element of water/earth/fire/air
  • Astrology
  • Quantum string theory
  • Diabetes

These suggestions are in part to give you an idea of the range of subjects that it's possible to be taught through shamanic means, but also to demonstrate that there is no need to confine yourself to "shamanic" subjects.

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