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Journey Into Picture

This journey can be great fun, and you can learn a lot, sometimes quite unexpectedly. The idea is that you choose a picture to journey into in order to learn from the spirit of the picture. I recently did this with our drumming group using The Shaman's Oracle cards by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan. The pictures on the cards are beautiful, taken from ancient cave paintings - a wonderful way to connect with our ancient shamanic ancestors.

Tree SpiritThe beauty of this journey is that you can return again and again to the same picture, or work your way through hundreds of pictures one by one. You need never be stuck for a journey to do, and you may meet a spirit who becomes a trusted and helpful ally!

The Intention:

My intention is to journey into this picture to meet the spirit of the picture*

The Journey:

Spend some time gazing at the picture, taking in as many details as possible and memorising how it looks.

When you're ready, close your eyes and see yourself at your axis mundi. Call your main Power Animal(s) to you at your axis mundi and repeat your intention 3 times, to your Power Animal(s), before sending it out into the Universe from your heart. Then see the picture right in front of you, and big enough for you to step into it and allow your Power Animal(s) to take you through the face of the picture to meet the spirit of the picture.

Once there, greet the spirit of the picture and introduce yourself and ask if they are happy for you to visit them. Assuming the answer is yes, you can then ask them about themselves, ask them to show you their world or perhaps if they have any information or teaching that could help you in your life.

When you hear the call-back, if using a shamanic drumming track, or when you feel you have finished your journey, thank all the beings you have met and return to your axis mundi the way you came and out through the face of the picture. At your axis mundi, thank your main Power Animal(s) for their help and protection and say good-bye for now.

Notes on the Journey:

* If for example you are working with a picture of a being who you know the name of, e.g. a goddess card, you might want to insert the name of the goddess here.

This is a very good way to learn about gods/goddesses and tarot cards - you can learn direct from the source, so to speak.

The spirit that you encounter will depend on the kind of picture you use. If the picture is of a person, animal, tree or some kind of figure, it is likely (although by no means certain) that the spirit will look as they do in the picture. If you use a picture of a landscape or abstract patterns then you just have to be open as to what the spirit might look like.

Warning: DO NOT use images that have any kind of satanic or black magic connections or associations. If in doubt, don't use the picture, or if your Power Animals advise against it, follow their advice. Don't imagine that you can nip in and out unscathed.

Pictures that you've hung on your wall and you feel comfortable with should be fine, as should any tarot, oracle, god/goddess/angel cards that you can buy commercially. But as with anything, take responsibility for yourself, trust your intuition, trust your allies, and if in doubt, don't go there!

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