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Classroom Journey: Ethics 1

This is a journey which explores the ethics of healing, and can be the start of a whole series of teachings from your spirit allies. It is the type of journey that is great to do in groups, where everyone is asking the same question. The result is always a wealth of information as all the allies speak from different perspectives. Getting lots of information might take one person many journeys that a group can get in one sitting.

Teacher TreeThe question of consent often comes up in many ways; someone is concerned for a friend or loved one and naturally they want to help if the person is going through a difficult time, is sick or in danger. Can I send them healing? Protection? Well, the answer is no, not without their consent. This means that they must have asked for help, or if it is offered, they must have said yes. There are very few rules in shamanism, but this is one of them. So do the following journey and see what you get. you may be surprised. My journeying circle did this recently and got some very interesting information, which I'll be posting on the blog as soon as I've collated everyone's results.

The Intention:

My intention is to ask "what are the consequences of doing healing work without the consent of the recipient?"

The Journey:

As always, start at your axis mundi. Call your main Power Animal(s) to you at your axis mundi and repeat your intention 3 times, to your Power Animal(s), before sending it out into the Universe from your heart. Then allow your Power Animal(s) to take you to the right place, which may be in the Upper, Lower or Middle World.

Your Power Animals may answer the question or they may take you to another of your allies or even a new one. Take note of everything you see, hear or experience in whatever way it happens.

When you hear the call-back, if using a shamanic drumming track, or when you feel you have finished your journey, thank all the beings you have met and return to your axis mundi the way you came. At your axis mundi, thank your main Power Animal(s) for their help and protection and say good-bye for now.

Notes on the Journey:

A journey to return to and explore as much as you like!

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