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Workshops & Trainings

The Dreaming Shadow teachings range from beginners' workshops where no previous experience is necessary, through to advanced training courses and in-depth sessions for which it is necessary to have previous shamanic experience.

Workshops Suitable for Beginners

These workshops are for anyone; no previous experience is necessary; all you need is the desire to learn with an open heart and mind!

Taster Sessions - an afternoon (or evening) shamanic taster for you and your friends. For groups of 2 to 12 people (you must book as a group). Click HERE to find out more.

Basic Shamanic Journeying Skills - a full weekend of experiential exploration of shamanic journeying and other basic skills. This workshop runs twice a year, in February and October. Click HERE to find out more.


Advanced Courses

For all of these courses, it is necessary to have learned the basic shamanic journeying process, and have a good working relationship with your Power Animals and other shamanic allies.

Shamanic Practitioner Training - a series of weekends in which advanced healing and other shamanic practices are learned. Each component may be taken as a stand-alone or as part of the whole Practitioner Training. Taken as a whole, the practitioner course is designed to be a life-changing process. Training in 2017 includes: extraction, soul retrieval, oracular work, healing with breath/voice and psychopomp (working with the souls of the dead). Click HERE to find out more.

The Oracle - 25th/26th February 2017. Find out more.

The Shaman in the Land of the Dead - 18th/19th March 2017. Find out more.

Extraction Medicine - 22nd/23rd April 2017. Find out more.

Soul Retrieval Part 1 - 20th/21st May 2017 and Soul Retrieval Part 2 - 24th/25th June 2017. Please note, BOTH weekends must be attended. Find out more.

Healing with Breath/Voice - 29th/30th July 2017. Find out more.


Further Down the Rabbit Hole - these sessions are designed to go into further depth in the process of "stalking the self". The sessions all stand alone, and change each year. They have come about at the request of previous participants in the One Year Training and are mainly to extend that process, but would also suit those with previous shamanic experience who wish to enter into deep psycho-spiritual development. Click HERE to find out more.

All Workshops and Trainings, Month by Month for 2016

Here you can see all of the workshops and trainings as they occur through the year so you can plan your year (click HERE). You can also look at the online calendar, which shows the journeying group meetings and all teaching weekends. You can import the whole calendar into your own online calendar, or individual events so that you don't forget them. Click HERE for the calendar (or click on the Calendar button on the top bar of the website from any page).