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Advanced Courses - Prerequisites

For all of these courses, you must already have learned the technique of shamanic journeying, be comfortable journeying to the Upper and Lower Worlds and have a good relationship with at least one Power Animal or Teacher. You need not necessarily have been taught by me, but if you have not yet learned shamanic journeying, please book yourself onto one of the basic workshops.

Shamanic Practitioner Training - a series of weekend sessions during which you will learn advanced healing and other shamanic practices. Each component may be taken as a stand-alone or as part of the whole Shamanic Practitioner Training. Taken as a whole, the course is designed to be a life-changing process. Training this year includes: extraction, soul retrieval, ceremony, oracular work, healing with breath/voice and psychopomp (working with the souls of the dead). Click HERE to find out more about the whole course. The individual components are as follows:

The Oracle - 25th/26th February 2017. Find out more.

The Shaman in the Land of the Dead - 18th/19th March 2017. Find out more.

Extraction Medicine - 22nd/23rd April 2017. Find out more.

Soul Retrieval Part 1 - 20th/21st May 2017 and Soul Retrieval Part 2 - 24th/25th June 2017. Please note, BOTH weekends must be attended. Find out more.

Healing with Breath/Voice - 29th/30th July 2017. Find out more.


Further Down the Rabbit Hole - these sessions are designed to go into further depth in the process of "stalking the self". The sessions all stand alone, and change each year. They have come about at the request of previous participants in the One Year Training and are mainly to extend that process, but would also suit those with previous shamanic experience who wish to enter into deep psycho-spiritual development. Click HERE to find out more.