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The Oracle - 25th/26th February 2017 - NEW DATE!

One weekend advanced course which may be taken as a stand-alone session, or as part of the Shamanic Practitioner Training Course. (Please see Prerequisites).

SpiderOracular work is an ancient practice of communion with spirit that allows a deity or other spiritual being to speak through you. The Delphic Oracle is probably the most famous example, but don't let that put you off. This may seem like something that is only relevant in the ancient world, but in fact it is an extremely potent way of working; much misunderstood, and still very accessible and useful in the modern world. It is a different way of working with spirit than in the shamanic journey (although some may recognise it once they experience it). You will have the chance to practice moving in and out of this state, as well as to take part in a ceremony where you become the Oracle for your companions, and they for you. You will also work with an object of power; a mask, to aid in full communion with, and revelation of, the deity who will grace us with their presence. This is a powerful process which many people find deeply transformative both to experience and to be on the receiving end of.


Course Background

For over a thousand years, the Delphic Oracle was making prophesies (from the 8th century BC until just short of the 5th century AD). There have been many other Oracles, but the Delphic Oracle was the most famous, celebrated, and influential in the classical Greek and Roman worlds. The rich and powerful would consult the Oracle before any major undertakings. The word oracle comes from the Latin orare; "to speak", and oracles were thought to be portals through which the gods spoke directly to man. Oracles tended to be used as sources of divination - answering questions, predicting the future - but this is not the only use for this potent method of partnership with spirit as we shall demonstrate. Similarly, masks have been used around the world for thousands of years to allow the human to disappear and another being to be revealed, lending themselves perfectly to the oracular process.


Course Content

Theory – you will look at the oracular process, and at the concept of the mask at every level, including physical and energetic. You will learn the history of each, and how they can be, and often are, used together.

Tools – you will learn how to enter the oracular state with a deity. You will make a mask; an object of power to help you to commune with the deity and to allow them to speak through you. You will have practice entering and leaving the oracular state, and you will take part in a ceremony in the role of oracle, and in another as a spiritual seeker.

Safety, Ethics and Consent – these important issues will be explored in depth. You will learn how to completely move the ego aside and allow the deity you are working with to guide your words and actions, as well as how to safely and completely return to your normal state of consciousness. You will learn how to use the oracular technique safely, so that no-one who is involved is harmed.


Course Aims

At the end of this course you will be able to safely and ethically use the oracular technique. You will have experienced the oracular technique and will have received guidance from several oracles. You will be given guidance so that those who are drawn to this method of working may go on to incorporate it into their lives and work.


Venue: Frimley, Surrey

Date: 25th/26th February 2017


Saturdays: 10am to 9-10pm

Sundays: 10am to 5pm

Course Type: Non-residential. Fees include all tuition, teas and coffees, lunch on both days and evening meal on Saturdays.

Cost: £160 (but see below for discounts that may apply to you):

  • Early Bird - £140. Pay the deposit no later than one calendar month before the workshop. The date by which you need to have paid will be clearly shown next to the Paypal button for the session in question. Choose the SINGLE discount option when paying the balance.
  • Returning clients - £140. If you have attended one of the Dreaming Shadow workshops or trainings in the past, or been a one-to-one client, then you're a returning client. (This should apply to everyone attending this session). Choose the SINGLE discount option when paying the balance.
  • Returning client AND Early Bird - £120. If you're an Early Bird AND a returning client, you get both rewards - simple as that! Choose the DOUBLE discount option when paying the balance.
  • Repeating this Workshop - token fee of £30. If you have attended this workshop and you want to come back and do it again, provided there are spaces on the workshop, you can repeat it for just the deposit!


Book a Place on The Oracle Course only:
Pay deposit by 25th January 2017 for Early Bird price

Pay balance by 18th February 2017

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