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Healing with Breath/Voice - 29th/30th July 2017

One weekend advanced course which may be taken as a stand-alone session, or as part of the Shamanic Practitioner Training Course. (Please see Prerequisites).

FrogThe breath, and with it the human voice, is arguably the most versatile and powerful shamanic tool, which can be put to use in myriad ways. One thing is for sure; it is certainly the most portable shamanic tool possessed by anyone who lives and breathes! You will learn to use your breath and your voice to heal yourself and others. This is not about singing though - so no need to fear, you are not expected to perform in a concert or even to be able to "hold a tune"! This will introduce you to a different way of working with spirit than in the shamanic journey (although some may recognise it once they experience it). You will have the chance to practice working on your own and on behalf of a companion. This is a powerful process which many people find deeply transformative both to experience and to be on the receiving end of. You will also take part in a hauntingly beautiful ceremony where we work with the spirit of Air.


Course Background

For tens of thousands of years (at the very least), shamans have journeyed into alternative realities, in partnership with spirit, in order to heal the members of their communities. Shamans recognise that spirit is in all things and that all is connected in the web of life; as within, so without. They also recognise that if one person in the community is sick, then the whole community is sick, and so tending to the individual tends to the whole. Shamanism is the forerunner of modern medical systems; the ancient recognition that spirit inhabits all things allowed the ancients to communicate with the Earth, and all the plants and trees who grow in her soil, and they learned directly from the herbs and plants of their medicinal uses, and from their spirit allies how to manipulate the spiritual aspects of disease and injury. We as modern individuals can use these ancient methods in order to bring about healing for ourselves, our communities and the Earth.


Course Content

Theory – you will look at the process of breathing and making sounds with the voice and learn about what happens in our body and in the different levels of reality as a result of the movement of said breath and voice.

Tools – you will practice using breath and voice, and observe the effects of each at every level, including physical and energetic. You will have the chance to practice working on your own and on behalf of a companion.

Safety, Ethics and Consent – these important issues will be explored in depth. You will learn how to completely move the ego aside and allow spirit to guide your breath, voice and actions, as well as how to safely and completely return to your normal state of consciousness. You will learn how to use the technique safely, so that no-one who is involved is harmed, and you will learn about the unshakeable requirement to have explicit consent to perform the healing and how to deal with situations where consent is difficult to obtain.


Course Aims

At the end of this course you will be able to safely and ethically use the breath and voice as a shamanic healing tool. You will have experienced performing and receiving healings using this method. You will be given guidance so that those who are drawn to this method of working may go on to incorporate it into their lives and work. This process will open up your "Voice," perhaps in ways that go beyond the obvious, and if you previously thought you didn't have a voice, you may just find it here.


Venue: Frimley, Surrey

Date: 29th/30th July 2017


Saturdays: 10am to 9-10pm

Sundays: 10am to 5pm

Course Type: Non-residential. Fees include all tuition, teas and coffees, lunch on both days and evening meal on Saturdays.

Cost: £160 (but see below for discounts that may apply to you):

  • Early Bird - £140. Pay the deposit no later than one calendar month before the workshop. The date by which you need to have paid will be clearly shown next to the Paypal button for the session in question. Choose the SINGLE discount option when paying the balance.
  • Returning clients - £140. If you have attended one of the Dreaming Shadow workshops or trainings in the past, or been a one-to-one client, then you're a returning client. (This should apply to everyone attending this session). Choose the SINGLE discount option when paying the balance.
  • Returning client AND Early Bird - £120. If you're an Early Bird AND a returning client, you get both rewards - simple as that! Choose the DOUBLE discount option when paying the balance.
  • Repeating this Workshop - token fee of £30. If you have attended this workshop and you want to come back and do it again, provided there are spaces on the workshop, you can repeat it for just the deposit!


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