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The Shaman in the Land of the Dead - 18th/19th March 2017

One weekend advanced course which may be taken as a stand-alone session, or as part of the Shamanic Practitioner Training Course. (Please see Prerequisites).

Shamans are concerned with healing the members of their community, and that includes those members of the community who have passed through the veil that we call death. You'll learn about death from the shamanic perspective and the technique of psychopomp – helping the souls of the dead to cross over. You'll learn about the landscape of death and about working with people who are close to death, and those who are dealing with grief after the death of a loved one.


Course BackgroundSnowdon

For tens of thousands of years (at the very least), shamans have journeyed into alternative realities, in partnership with spirit, in order to heal the members of their communities. Shamans recognise that their responsibility and service extends to healing the souls of the dead as well as those of the living. They journeyed into the lands of the dead and mapped its paths so that they could help those who were preparing to cross over into the death realms, and those who were lost or stuck just beyond the veil.


Workshop Content

Theory – you will explore the shamanic perspective of life and death, and the shape of the landscape beyond the veil of death. You'll learn about how shamans down the ages performed psychopomp work - shepherding the souls of the dead away from the realms of the living and onwards in their soul's journey. You'll learn why this important job is not only relevant today, but even more needed as time goes on.

Tools – you will learn how to do the work of the psychopomp safely, how to help those facing their own death to cross over without fear when their time comes, and how to help those left behind in grief. You will make contact with loved ones who have already passed through the veil of death in order to get information that will help you in your own life and death.

Safety, Ethics and Consent – you will learn how to conduct psychopomp safely, how to work with the living ethically, and about getting consent for the work.


Venue: Frimley, Surrey

Date: 18th/19th March 2017


Saturdays: 10am to 9-10pm

Sundays: 10am to 5pm

Course Type: Non-residential. Fees include all tuition, teas and coffees, lunch on both days and evening meal on Saturdays.

Cost: £160 (but see below for discounts that may apply to you):

  • Early Bird - £140. Pay the deposit no later than one calendar month before the workshop. The date by which you need to have paid will be clearly shown next to the Paypal button for the session in question. Choose the SINGLE discount option when paying the balance.
  • Returning clients - £140. If you have attended one of the Dreaming Shadow workshops or trainings in the past, or been a one-to-one client, then you're a returning client. (This should apply to everyone attending this session). Choose the SINGLE discount option when paying the balance.
  • Returning client AND Early Bird - £120. If you're an Early Bird AND a returning client, you get both rewards - simple as that! Choose the DOUBLE discount option when paying the balance.
  • Repeating this Workshop - token fee of £30. If you have attended this workshop and you want to come back and do it again, provided there are spaces on the workshop, you can repeat it for just the deposit!


Book a Place on the Shaman in the Land of the Dead Course:
Pay deposit by 18th February 2017 for Early Bird price

Pay balance by 11th March 2017

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