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Further Down the Shamanic Rabbit-Hole

Dates and details to be announced.


History of the Rabbit Hole Sessions

The VoidThese sessions came about because from the very first year I ran it, participants of the One Year Course have asked for more sessions so that they could continue to deepen the work, and so these sessions came about. They are named because the One Year Course used to be separated into two parts, the second of which was called "Down the Shamanic Rabbit Hole", so named because like Alice and Neo, we ventured down into the depths to investigate the nature of reality and the workings of the Universe and the Soul.

It is an ongoing rolling programme of sessions that change every year. At some point I may start to repeat ones that came early on in the process, but we haven't got there yet! These sessions, therefore, take us deeper into the Rabbit Hole, where we explore the unexpected, deep, scary, dark, bright, exhilarating, transforming work of the shamanic psychonaut. We will use myth, story, ceremony and all of the shamanic tools you've learned, and some new ones too, so that you continue to grow and to shine.

There are three sessions per year, in March, August and November. You may attend any or all of these in any year, there is no obligation to sign up for all of them. Whilst each session stands alone, there is often an ongoing theme to successive sessions. Each session is a full weekend, including a late finish on the Saturday evening, which is ceremony night.

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Who Are These Sessions For?

Graduates of the One Year Course, and anyone who is an experienced shamanic journeyer and has the desire to enter into deep psycho-spiritual development using shamanic practices.


Venue: Frimley, Surrey.


Saturdays: 10am to 9-10pm

Sundays: 10am to 5pm

Course Type: Non-residential. Fees include all tuition, teas and coffees, lunch on both days and evening meal on Saturdays.

Cost: £160 per session (but see below for discounts that may apply to you):

  • Early Bird - £140. Pay the deposit no later than one calendar month before the workshop. The date by which you need to have paid will be clearly shown next to the Paypal button for the session in question. Choose the SINGLE discount option when paying the balance.
  • Returning clients - £140. If you have attended one of the Dreaming Shadow workshops or trainings in the past, or been a one-to-one client, then you're a returning client. (This should apply to everyone attending this session). Choose the SINGLE discount option when paying the balance.
  • Returning client AND Early Bird - £120. If you're an Early Bird AND a returning client, you get both rewards - simple as that! Choose the DOUBLE discount option when paying the balance.


Dates and Details of Meetings:

To be announced.