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Pricing, Terms & Conditions


Making a Payment

You may pay for a place on a workshop online via Paypal, either through the Bookings page or on the page relating to the workshop itself. You do not have to have a Paypal account, you can pay by credit or debit card through Paypal. This makes it very safe and convenient for you and me, and is my preferred method of payment for workshops. If you prefer to pay by cheque or direct bank transfer, please email me or give me a call (see Contact page).

For One-To-One Sessions, you may pay at the session in either cash or cheque, or you may pay online via the Bookings page if you prefer to pay by PayPal. I do not have the ability to take payments by card in person.


Pricing, Rewards & Discounts

Most of my clients do something with me and want to come back for more, so I wanted to reward them. I also wanted to reward people who book early for workshops and courses, as this makes my life much easier! I've come up with a way to do just that, so you'll find that for each workshop or course, most people will have the ability to reduce the price by up to £40, and some by up to £130! This is how it works:

  • Early Bird - £20 off the full price per session. Pay the deposit no later than one calendar month before the workshop. The date by which you need to have paid will be clearly shown next to the Paypal button for the workshop in question.
  • Returning clients - £20 off the full price per session. If you have attended one of the Dreaming Shadow workshops or trainings in the past, or been a one-to-one client, then you're a returning client.
  • Returning client AND Early Bird - £40 off the full price per session. If you're an Early Bird AND a returning client, you get both rewards - simple as that!
  • Commit to the whole One Year Practitioner Training Course - extra £10 off per session. Pay in full, or a deposit plus 3 instalments for the whole course.
  • Repeating a Workshop - token fee of £30 per session. If you have attended a workshop or training session, and you want to come back and do the exact same one again, provided there are spaces on the workshop, you can repeat it for just the deposit!
  • Low/unwaged - I allow a few places on each workshop for those who can't afford the full price even after discount. If this is you, please contact me.

Whether or not you qualify for the Early Bird price, once you've paid the deposit, you don't have to pay the balance until 1 week before the workshop.


Group Bookings

Groups of 8 or more are eligible for a further discount from the prices shown, and can have dedicated sessions if they wish. For group discounts, members of the group must be identified as a group by one of the members at the time of booking. Payments and correspondence will be dealt with individually. Please contact me to discuss if you wish to make a group booking.

Cancellation Policy for Workshops and Trainings

The deposit is non-refundable. If you have paid the full fee and cancel more than one week before a workshop or course, the fee, less the deposit, will be refunded.